What you've been looking for in a salsa !

Not only is Kit an accomplished author, speaker and entertainer - he has his own range of mouth watering salsa!

After run down by a truck in 1982, Kit Summers could not juggle or perform as he did before. A changed life. He had to develop a way to make a living without performing. Kit had developed a simple recipe for a fresh salsa and then kept adding to and developing the mix. What turned out was a wonderful tasty and healthy salsa that people throughout the world have enjoyed the taste of. Learn more of Kit's story here: www.kitsummers.com.

And why is it so good? Well, it's fresh, made with natural ingredients, fat and preservative-free, and healthy. It's just plain tasty! Made with the best ingredients, right now there is a "sweet" mild salsa offered and a "hot" salsa. You must try some, your taste buds will love you!

What You've Been Looking For In A Salsa!


"In the first week after we started carrying your salsa sales were unprecedented. We sold out quickly and need more. Our customers love your salsa--I'm glad you contacted us."
Terry Brett, Owner, Kimberton Whole Foods, Downingtown, Pennsylvania

"This is a first! I love salsa. In fact so much so, mediocre salsa caused me to grow my own tomatoes, cilantro, peppers and jalapenos so I could make my own. But I have never sat down and eaten a whole pint in one sitting. But I did tonight! The entire pint, right out of the tub (then I even drank the leftover juice)! Next to your salsa, everything else seems like catsup. You have done a great job coming up with a recipe for complex & enjoyable taste and great health (no salt!). You have something unique here. Next pint will be shared with a friend and a good chardonnay."
Rich Carpenter, Narberth, Pennsylvania

"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the sweet salsa you sold me Saturday night at Booth's Corner Farmers Market. I passed by at first and was thinking the $5.00 a container cost was a little high, but after tasting a small sample, taking it home and sharing it with a friend, I think it was worth every cent! Thanks again and you have made a great product. And, what is so great about it is the fresh garden taste so unlike the salsa sold in the supermarket, regardless of brand or taste.
Tom Griffiths, III, Springfield, Pennsylvania.

"I just wanted to say that your salsa is sensational! I tasted a sample at the Booths Corner Farmers Market and I was instantly hooked. I will not buy supermarket salsa ever again. Summers Salsa is so fresh and healthy. It should be marketed to be sold at ALL supermarkets." Patricia Ferrari, West Chester, PA

"I am in love with your Salsa. I would marry it if it were legal to do so in the state of Pennsylvania (and if I were not already married.) Thank you, and keep adding to the list of retailers in Chester County!"
Meg Diskin, West Chester, PA

"This evening, Thursday night, I bought two of your Salsas at "Swinging Thursday" in West Chester and I must say, they are FABULOUS. As soon as I got home I opened the Hot Habanaro/Jalapeno container, (not the extra hot, that's for a special taste testing with friends) picked up a soup spoon and ate it like it was Gazpacho. (One down and one to go...hehehe.) Amazing.......!!!! The quality of the ingredients, the texture and balance was truly delightful. You could market it as Gazpacho also as it tastes that good. It is much better than I've had at any restaurant, even those claiming to be authentic". Sulli DeStefano, Philadelphia, PA


The perfect companion to tortilla chips, chicken, beef, fish . . . you're only limited by your imagination. The salsa freezes too, so buy two now and enjoy one later.

This is a fresh-made product and is sold locally. Yet, contact me and we will see how to get this great tasting salsa to you.

Kit Summers, 610-400-3233



Here are some nice words from people about my salsa:

"Have to say I am addicted to your salsa! It is incredible, and cannot get enough, nor can I ever look at jarred salsa the same way again. I am a weight watchers support group leader and am always recommending healthy foods, are there any other places to purchase your salsa besides 320 Produce? I do classes in Broomall, Springfield, Holmes and Media. I would love to say "Buy this salsa, it's amazing!", but not everyone is familiar with 320 Produce. I prefer the mild to the spicier. Again, it is amazing!"
Pam Culp, Media Pennsylvania.

"I just purchased my first container of Summers' Sweet Salsa, and let me assure you, it won't be my last! I bought it from The Produce Hut on Baltimore Pike in Concord Township. They were smart enough to have a sample available to customers, or I might not have even noticed it. Once I tasted it, I wasted no time in locating and purchasing it. It is absolutely delicious--the best salsa I have ever tasted, bar none. Kudos to you on a terrific recipe, and much success in your endeavors!" Jan Shay, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania

"I just tried some of your hot salsa for the first time and I can honestly say it was the best I've ever had! I was wondering if you sell direct, or if you could point me in the direction of a store in the Lititz, PA area that would happen to carry it. I would love to buy more." Jason Osborn, Lititz, Pennsylvania